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The development of the online business environment will bring many opportunities for sales units if they know how to choose the right approach solution.

Gone are the days of “Good wine needs no bush”, digital transformation forced businesses to change their business models and expand advertising to adapt to new markets. Actively approaching and building relationships with customers in the online environment is a timely choice, helping businesses increase conversion rates and drive revenue.

Benefits of technology application in business

“Digitalization” removes distance barriers, promoting business and customer connection. The development of the ecosystem of e-commerce floors, social networks… also helps business units have the opportunity to reach customers no matter where they are, at any time of the day. Online consultation leads to more positive results in maintaining the relationship between the seller and the buyer. Therefore, taking the time to collect information and analyze customer data on the Internet will help businesses deploy marketing campaigns more effectively. The process of surveying, receiving feedback, collecting and analyzing data can be completely operated online, with a high degree of accuracy, quickly, saving maximum budget and resources.

Digital transformation helps improve business performance
Digital transformation helps improve business performance

The digital business transformation is necessary for long-term survival in a competitive market. However, businesses will also have difficulties and obstacles to overcome. One of the biggest obstacles for business people in Vietnam when it comes to digital transformation is the upfront investment costs in technology. Especially for small and medium businesses, this process can take up capital and setup time in the early stages, when it’s time to focus on business development.

Besides, not all businesses have the potential to carry out online marketing campaigns themselves. Meanwhile, gear shifting requires a team of trained professionals, with relevant experience in the field. Difficulties in managing dumping and product quality are challenges worth paying attention to. Digitization creates a playground for those with a passion for business. Everyone can participate in the e-commerce platform, sell online. This leads to businesses facing dumping, fake goods, and poor-quality organizes goods.

BCA Solutions e-commerce ecosystem

Responding to the urgent need of digitizing sales activities, the BCA Solutions online business ecosystem was born, helping Vietnamese businesses apply digital successfully, bringing efficiency and high conversion ability. Accordingly, businesses participating in this ecosystem can bring products to customers without having to go through stages such as finding agents, managing inventory, etc. Some partners of BCA Solutions have applied this form and achieved breakout in revenue during the pandemic such as V Live International, Kuchen, VPharm, STPhar, Puna, Woman Project, Abena…

Vendor management software makes it easy for business owners to keep track of their business.
Vendor management software makes it easy for business owners to keep track of their business.

With BCA Solutions, businesses will save investment costs for advertising. Consultants are regularly updated on products, fully conveying information to customers and helping them make easy decisions, reinforcing trust, and building loyalty in users. This is the point that makes many businesses with new products look to BCA for help, many of which have achieved good growth. The system also helps to overcome the problems of traditional intermediary distribution channels such as dumping, fake goods, counterfeit goods, inventory…With the product model that goes directly from the seller’s warehouse to the customer’s hand, BCA effectively solves the problem of intermediate distribution channels, helping manufacturers feel secure to invest in research and product development.

The flexible and quick financial control policy helps business owners proactively cash flow to reinvest in production and business. The company also regularly organizes seminars to share solutions to improve sales and distribution efficiency through the BCA platform, to connect suppliers and consultants to work together effectively.

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