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BCA Solutions Company has built its own way in the niche market, surviving and growing rapidly thanks to online business. On the occasion of BCA 3 years anniversary, VnEconomy had an interview with Mr. Nguyen Huu Son, CEO of BCA Solutions.

Three years for a fairly young business, so what makes BCA Solutions exist and develop as it is today, sir?

The idea of the business model of BCA Solutions was formed during 7 years of researching and applying online marketing in the distribution of consumer products. We understand very well the difficulties that anyone faces when starting an online business. Therefore, BCA applies technology in business management (revenue, orders, promotions, customer care) through mobile apps and the most effective marketing solutions, looking for reputable product sources of quality with good discounts. In particular, BCA focuses on human resources, training, training, and supporting consultants to help them overcome initial difficulties to be able to sustainably succeed in business in the “Internet era”, such as: Minimizing risks in small business…

Up to now, after three years of establishment and development, BCA has attracted nearly 30,000 users (business partners) who are individuals and collectives participating in online business activities throughout Vietnam, and are reaching out to the international market, the first are Thailand, Indonesia, and soon the neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Son - CEO of BCA Solutions.
Mr. Nguyen Huu Son – CEO of BCA Solutions.

Sir, what is special about BCA Solutions’ business model compared to other models?

First, BCA Solutions is a platform to connect suppliers with online business people all over the nation. BCA owns the BCA Living e-commerce site ( with a variety of products from reputable brands in the world. The cooperation with BCA helps brands save a lot of advertising costs. Because the product is experienced by consultants or business partners themselves, they are very knowledgeable and marketing directly to consumers as well as taking care of customers during use.

For individual sellers, they have to do all the work from seeking the source of goods, negotiating, managing capital, taking care of inventory, finding customers by increasing the number of shares on social networks, hiring online marketing partners (usually it will cost a lot of money), delivery, revenue and expenditure management, staff… BCA does not sell mass goods and does not call on business partners to spend a lot of money to buy goods to receive huge commissions…

Especially, BCA’s “Four No’s” business model includes: No capital to import goods – No inventory – No logistic – No experience needed. Therefore, all the above steps from seeking the source of goods to delivery, marketing, and suppliers are supported by BCA with advanced technology and a professional consulting team. Business people now just need to interact directly with customers, close orders, and take care of them while still inherit a discount of up to 40-60%, much higher than when they negotiate with the suppliers themselves.

As for other common e-commerce platforms, they only focus on selling a lot of products but cannot control quality issues, delivery services, warranties, and customer care. Sometimes, the information about a series of products also “confusing” customers to choose. Meanwhile, learning from the above business model, BCA wishes to connect business partners with manufacturers and customers. Especially in the drop shipping model, the manufacturer will deliver directly to consumers without going through intermediary distribution channels and always ensure the best general price for customers.

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Can you share the key as well as the construction of an online business ecosystem that you are doing?

As one of the few businesses that has kept its growth momentum in the Covid-19, BCA Solutions – a technology startup providing an online business platform 4.0 for everyone – has transformed strongly with the number of nearly 30,000 users and revenue increased 1,460% in the third quarter of 2021 compared to the same period last year.

It can be said that the transition from offline sales to online sales is not easy when it requires a lot of skills, knowledge as well as a foundation to run the online business smoothly, and bring high efficiency. The decisive factor that helps BCA Solutions to grow rapidly during the pandemic is the Online Ecosystem Model. This model catches up with future trends, is ready to adapt, and eventually always puts the benefit of business partners and suppliers first.

The biggest challenge for the BCA team is to create a “super sales” application that customers or partners feel trust and love when using. By doing this, we believe we will take up the market. Our ambition is to become a leading startup with the sharing economy model in the online business, similar to what Uber has done in the transportation sector.

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Can you share the key as well as the construction of an online business ecosystem that you are doing?

NO CAPITAL TO IMPORT GOODS: You don’t have to spend money to be able to access more than 300 quality products from reputable brands in the world, along with a high discount up to 30 – 50% /product

NO INVENTORY: Because there is no need to invest capital to import goods, you absolutely do not need to worry about inventory, burying capital

NO LOGISTICS: With the Drop shipping model, goods will be shipped directly from BCA’s warehouse to customers

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED: Coming to BCA Solutions, you do not need experience because you will be trained by BCA’s team in sales skills and professional product knowledge from A-Z


In all my activities, BCA Solutions always attaches special importance to bringing benefit to customers, suppliers, and business partners. We choose Niche markets that are genuine products and strictly censored quality from the actual experience and the actual use of customers as well as consultants.  Moreover, the distribution of goods in the business ecosystem of BCA Solutions ensures that consumers inherit genuine products price, which is the price set by the supplier, against rampant dumping in the market if distribution through other forms. The better the quality of the customer experience, the higher the value of the supplier’s product and brand.

The trend that consumers move to online shopping is really strong. This is the chance for e-commerce business. Technology is one of the priority strategies of BCA Solutions. We spend at least 50% of the operating costs on technology and the construction of an online ecosystem. In this year, BCA also upgraded the BCA Solutions application platform version 2, making it more convenient to connect business partners and suppliers, bringing products to users faster and more efficiently. Above all, it is still training and focusing on people, helping business people have more extensive knowledge, advising customers to use products/services better. BCA Living also protects the interests of shoppers and the BCA Learning system to improve the capacity of consultants will also be “launched” in the near future.

Business partners of BCA are easy to access more than 300 products in a variety of industries such as: fashion, household use, cosmetic, consumer goods, health care from reputable brands in the world like Vlive International, Kuchen, Aristino, Digiworld, VPharm, STPhar, Puna, Woman Project, Abena…BCA Solutions has been implementing international market expansion activities. The focus is still on Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

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